Infamous BMW crime scene photos widely publicized after Tupac Shakur’s Vegas shooting staged: 100% proof

Staged video or crime scene photos raise suspicion


(INTELLIHUB) — Death Row Records rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down at the corner of E. Flamingo Rd. and Koval Ln. on the night of Sept. 7, 1996, while cruising the streets of Las Vegas after the Tyson vs. Seldon fight at the MGM Hotel in Suge Knights black 1996 BMW 750iL, or so the story goes.

However, Intellihub has uncovered startling new evidence which proves that the BMW filmed in the ‘official crime scene video’ which was captured on the night of the shooting is not, in fact, the same BMW pictured in ‘official crime scene photos’ allegedly belonging to Death Row Records owner Suge Knight.


Astonishingly, the 1996 BMW 750il pictured below, which also appears in official crime scene photos is not the same BMW captured on video at the actual scene that night.

suge knights bmw crime scene
LAS VEGAS (Sept. 7, 1996) Suge Kight’s shot up 1996 BMW 750il with damage to the rims after Knight reportedly jumped over the median to get away from the shooter. (Photo credit: MSN)

Look at the rims — especially the on the front passenger side — they have spokes and are noticeably bent from when Suge reportedly drove over the median in the opposite direction to flee from the shooting.

Now, look at a screencapture of the front passenger side wheel on the actual video shot from the crime scene that night — it’s a 5-star design and does not have spokes like the BMW pictured in official crime scene photos.

no spokes bmw
LAS VEGAS — BMW allegedly filmed at the actual crime scene the night of Sept. 7, 1996. (Screencapture via YouTube)

We can also see from the video that the BMW is a wagon hatchback model, like the 525 TDsl and not a sedan as pictured in crime scene photos.

hatchback bmw
LAS VEGAS — BMW allegedly filmed at the actual crime scene the night of Sept. 7, 1996. (Screencapture via YouTube)
LAS VEGAS — BMW allegedly filmed at the actual crime scene the night of Sept. 7, 1996. (Screencapture via YouTube)

Not to mention suspicious audio can be heard in the actual video which can be heard here at about 0:59.

“I did this. I shot some loopholes and shit,” a voice can be heard saying in the video while laughing.

Also, It appears that rapper Yaki Kadafi of the Outlawz can be seen at the scene in two different outfits, hinting that they were filmed/photographed on two separate occasions. Kadafi was reported to be in a car directly behind the BMW.

Another, show descrepancies between the police as if there are two seperate scenes.

Additionally, a police officer named David Myers also gave a deathbed confession that he helped Tupac and Suge fake Tupa’s death in 1996.

Were the crime scene photos or the video staged?

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Featured Image: MSN
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