Infowars reporter confronts anti-Trumpers at Texas ‘Impeachment March’

Offers $1000 to any anti-Trumper who can tell him why Trump should be impeached

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Infowars reporter and radio talk show host Owen Shroyer confronted hundreds of anti-Trump protesters who attended Sunday’s ‘Impeachment March.’

The popular radio talk show host offered $1000 to any anti-Trumper who could give him a reasonable explanation of why President Trump should be impeached. Of course, there were no takers. A few tried but could only cite “the Russians” which CNN recently retracted.

“I just offered every one of those people a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars to tell me why President Trump should be impeached,” Shroyer said. “Hundreds of people just walked by me and did not answer the question for a thousand dollars.”

One ‘brave taker,’ a woman, decided to face of with the Infowars reporter one-on-one but again, it didn’t turn out too well for her as she could only manage to cite fake news.

“He [President Trump] has obstructed justice, he has sold the soul of this country,” the woman told Shroyer. “He has obstructed justice by firing James Comey.”

Shroyer fired back, saying: “These people are out here protesting Donald Trump because they think he colluded with Russia even though we have inside undercover video of the very news network that tells you that Donald Trump has colluded with Russia.”

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