Inhumane treatment of “nuclear gypsy” Fukushima clean up workers reported

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By John Vibes

International news networks are reporting that a group of Fukushima clean up workers known as the “nuclear gypsies”, are facing torturous conditions including assault and threat of death.

JAPAN (INTELLIHUB) —Details of the cruel conditions that workers are being forced to endure at the Fukushima power plant have been recently surfacing, with international news reports interviewing whistleblowers and confirming earlier reports of assault, death threats, low pay and shady termination practices.

It has been reported that these employees are beaten, given very little pay, and then terminated without pay when their radiation levels become to high.

Anonymous Fukushima worker ‘Tanaka told Aljazeera: “My job was to help workers remove their gear when they came back from dealing with contaminated water and debris, and to check them with a Geiger counter for contamination.  We used to wear charcoal filters, but because of the cost cuts, we got dust filters, like those you’d buy at a convenient store. Tepco employees wore charcoal filters in all locations. Tepco is God, the main contractors are kings, and we are slaves.”[1]

Apparently poor working conditions have been a serious problem at Fukushima long before the tsunami in 2011.

“Working conditions in the nuclear industry have always been bad,” Reuters cited Saburo Murata, deputy director of Osaka’s Chuo Hospital, as saying. “Problems with money, outsourced recruitment, lack of proper health insurance – these have existed for decades.”

The Japanese mafia is largely responsible for supplying workers in some of the worst areas of the nuclear plant, and it is the workers that are subcontracted through these channels who experience some of the worst conditions.  Workers have been fired and even assaulted for speaking out about these problems, and this continues to take place for many of the people working to clean up the Fukushima Disaster.

Takeshi Katsura, a laborer who helps workers exploited by the Japanese mafia said: “I’ve had workers tell me that they’ve been beat up and told, ‘I’ll kill you.’ Threatened with, ‘You know what will happen to you.’”

The lawyer for a group dedicated to protecting Fukushima workers’ rights explained that they are“scared to sue because they’re afraid they will be blacklisted… You have to remember these people often can’t get any other job.”

Stories like the one Hayashi told have led to the emergence of worker rights’ groups, such as the one he is now involved in. “Major contractors that run this system think that workers will always be afraid to talk because they are scared to lose their jobs,” he explained. “But Japan can’t continue to ignore this problem forever.”[2]



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