Inside Trump’s head: An interview by Sean Hannity

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Trump’s thoughts, ambitions, presidential plans

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Recently FOX’s Sean Hannity sat down with Donald Trump to pick his brain on his 2016 presidential plans, if he were to be elected.

A Trump White House cabinet would have “the greatest minds […] negotiators […] the good ones”, the Trumpster explained to FOX’s Sean Hannity.

“Our jobs are being taken by everybody. Think of it — we don’t make good deals anymore […] we have incompetent people” in Washington.

In terms of the IRS “the word is simplification”, we can make things easier Trump mentioned, referring to confusing U.S. tax codes.

Trump also supports a strong military.

John A. Ammons/YouTube

“We have to go in with force we have to take their oil.”, Trump said, pointing out how oil money funds groups like ISIS who are going around cutting off peoples heads.

“We have to stop the money at the banking sources […] Saudi Arabia makes a billion dollars a day.”

“When you take the oil and you stop the banking sources […] that’s the beginning of the end of ISIS.”, said Trump.

Trump also maintained that Iran should not be allowed to weaponize at a nuclear level.

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