This is treason: Intelligence community working against President Trump in move to end American democracy

Establishment cheers on deep state takeover

(INTELLIHUB) — The American deep state is now in open revolt against the elected president and, with the help of the corporate media, is currently conducting a massive illegal operation that targets the very heart of American democracy.

While elements of the intelligence community targeted Trump long before his stunning victory, in the last week we have seen an unprecedented series of illegal leaks to establishment media puppets that came directly from elements of the National Security Agency as well as the CIA.

As Eli Lake noted in an important Bloomberg opinion piece, “Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.” (emphasis mine)

Now, after the sudden resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser, the leaks are showing no sign of stopping, with yet another disinformation report published by the New York Times late last night that has been promoted throughout the corporate media as “stunning” new information when in reality it is a rehash of older claims that have already been largely debunked.

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Make no mistake, actual reporters for outlets like the Times and the Washington Post are directly working against the will of the American people and for the deep state apparatus itself. Shockingly, elements within the deep state are also openly cheering on these illegal leaks and have even gone on the record with claims that Trump is soon to end up in jail!

“Former” NSA agent John Schindler took to Twitter after the news of Flynn’s resignation and declared that his contacts in the intelligence community had revealed to him that the deep state plans to have the President of the United States “die in jail”.

This direct treason was then promoted throughout the media and Schindler himself even laughably insinuated that a Trump supporter was going to shoot up the intelligence community and that any news outlet reporting against the deep state were most likely Russian agents.

Hollywood celebrities are also publicly working against American democracy with the latest example being a deranged rant from liberal Michael Moore in which he openly calls for Hillary Clinton to be inserted as president in a move taken straight out of a dictatorship.

Moore first pathetically lies about what was actually in the New York Times report before declaring that the judicial system needs, “to rule either that the President is the winner of the popular vote OR the election must be held over.” Going off the deep end, Moore later claimed on Twitter, with absolutely no evidence, that Trump “directed” Flynn to call the Russians.

Unbelievably, it isn’t just the corporate media, the intelligence community, and Hollywood liberals who are cheering on using illegal means to strike at the very foundation of the country, but also so-called conservatives.

Failed third-party presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who himself is a former CIA agent and most likely directly speaks for the agency, took to both Twitter and CNN to declare the president a “threat to the country” in an obvious move by the deep state to attempt to legitimatize their illegal actions.

Breitbart reported, “In response to President Trump’s tweets earlier Wednesday, in which he alleged that elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency were engaged in “Russia”-style political operations, McMullin tweeted:”

Keep in mind that, “appears to have been co-opted” is deep state slang for we are going after you and are going to use any lies and disinformation possible.

Apparently not wanting to be left off the list of pro-deep state shills, neocon scum and noted anti-Trump propagandist Bill Kristol also took to Twitter to reveal his support for illegal deep state actions against the president.

Another important facet of this shocking story is the fact that, shortly before leaving office, then President Obama actually EXPANDED the powers of the NSA in a move we now know was designed to help along the deep state goal of taking out the rightfully elected new president.

In early January, the New York Times reported about this vast expansion of NSA powers with little fanfare but now, thanks in part to PJ Media and the Drudge Report, the American people are learning about this in mass.

The Times reported:

In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.

The change means that far more officials will be searching through raw data. Essentially, the government is reducing the risk that the N.S.A. will fail to recognize that a piece of information would be valuable to another agency, but increasing the risk that officials will see private information about innocent people.


Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch signed the new rules, permitting the N.S.A. to disseminate “raw signals intelligence information,” on Jan. 3, after the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., signed them on Dec. 15, according to a 23-page, largely declassified copy of the procedures.

Previously, the N.S.A. filtered information before sharing intercepted communications with another agency, like the C.I.A. or the intelligence branches of the F.B.I. and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The N.S.A.’s analysts passed on only information they deemed pertinent, screening out the identities of innocent people and irrelevant personal information.

Now, other intelligence agencies will be able to search directly through raw repositories of communications intercepted by the N.S.A. and then apply such rules for “minimizing” privacy intrusions.

“This is not expanding the substantive ability of law enforcement to get access to signals intelligence,” said Robert S. Litt, the general counsel to Mr. Clapper. “It is simply widening the aperture for a larger number of analysts, who will be bound by the existing rules.”

And now, a little over a month later, elements of the intelligence community are leaking signals intelligence to the establishment media to purposefully destroy the president.

Despite these “new” powers being given to the NSA, what the deep state is doing as a whole is undoubtedly illegal and, as I noted above, a direct threat to the very nature of American democracy.

To recap, the corporate media (including specific reporters who have been given classified information), Hollywood, and elements of the intelligence community are directly attacking not only the will of the American people but American as a democracy itself.

Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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