Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas uncovered plans for future pandemic in 2009 *Must see*

In 2009 Ambellas obtained photos of a large-scale sinister operation possibly linked to the recent Ebola outbreak

(INTELLIHUB) — On March 25th, 2009, Shepard Ambellas, founder and editor of, exposed a sinister agenda in which mass graves were prepared for nearly every citizen in America, state by state, graveyard after graveyard, in preparation for a future pandemic.

While this was Ambellas‘ first crack at investigative journalism, the significance of his findings are none the less impressive.

During his investigation Ambellas infiltrated a military cemetery in the wee hours of the morning taking photos of what was later dubbed “one of the largest construction projects in the valley” by local media in an attempted cover-up.

In the epic interview conducted by Alex Jones,, Ambellas maintained that about “40 bodies” would fit into each burial vault. Moreover and shockingly, Ambellas spotted thousands of these burial vaults being installed at the time.

“It was so gut wrenching to view this and just know what they’re up to”, said Ambellas to Jones on air. Jones responded by talking about his experience documenting the Bohemian Grove.

Soon after the show aired others responded to the publicity, documenting the event for themselves.

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