Investigative reporter: ‘LVMPD officers feel there were additional shooters that corralled police for their slaughter’

Vlogger claims ‘many’ police within the department feel that multiple shooters were involved and that ‘diversions’ were created to corral police for ambush

(INTELLIHUB) — Investigative reporter Jake Morphonios with the “End Times News Report” YouTube channel claims that he interviewed a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer who was on duty the night of the tragic shooting who told him that ‘many’ officers within the department do not buy the official story and believe that there definitely was more than one shooter.

The vlogger claims the officer was ‘rather forthcoming’ and told him that authorities are only looking for one shooter and are hyper-focused on the official narrative but said a group of officers within the department believe there was a lot more going on that night.

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If true, the officer’s report backs up Intellihub’s detailed timeline analysis which is based on rare police audio, taken from three sources, which suggests that multiple shooters and multiple diversions were in effect that dreadful night (i.e. there was a team of individuals working hand-in-hand in the operation).

Morphonios said the officer told him that there was ‘a lot of chaos’ going on that night and that police were responding to ‘report after report after report of shooters.’


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The officer reportedly said that himself and other officers within the department feel that these ‘diversions’ were created in an attempt to ‘draw the police away from Mandalay Bay’ and may have been intended to corral officers into one area where they would later be ambushed.’

Morphonios reports that locals are ‘still feeling robbed’ when it comes to LVMPD’s official explanation of the October 1 massacre which suggests that Stephen Paddock was the sole actor involved.

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“There is a feeling of fear that permeates everything here,” he said. “People have not gone back to normal. […] This has been emotionally traumatizing for the locals.”

According to Morphonios, the officer reportedly declined to comment on reports of ‘broken glass at the Bellagio.’

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