Iranian lawmaker says U.S “kidnapped” Malaysian flight 370


Iranian lawmaker says that the missing Malaysian flight is a false flag sabotage, set up the U.S government

By Staff Writer

IRAN (INTELLIHUB) — On Tuesday, an influential Iranian lawmaker accused the United States of “kidnapping” Malaysian Flight 370, saying that it was an attempt to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and South East Asia.”

The politician, Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, is the spokesman for the foreign policy committee, and he has recently raised suspicion about the alleged Iranian passengers who were said to have stolen passports.  Hosseini responded to the news on Tuesday saying that this was obviously a plot to demonize Iran and complicate their trade alliances.

Documents published by the Western media about two Iranians getting on the plane without passports is psychological warfare. Americans recruit some people for such kinds of operations so they can throw the blame on other countries, especially Muslim countries,he said. 

On Tuesday Iran’s foreign ministry said it was ready to cooperate in the investigations.

“We have received information on possible presence of two Iranians among the plane’s crews. We are pursuing the issue,” said Marzieh Afkham, the Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman. “We have informed our embassy in Malaysia that we are ready to receive further information about the issue from Malaysian officials. We have announced that we were ready for cooperation.” 

As we also reported today, China came forth with a blurry piece of satellite imagery, which was released to American officials and news agencies, said to be “wreckage” from a “crash site” located about 140 miles S.E. of where flight MH370′s transponder stopped transmitting about 6 days ago. However, some are now speculating that the Chinese government may be trying to divert U.S. and Malaysian authorities away from where the plane really may have been taken. Interestingly enough, all of this matches up with reports from family members of passengers who said that their loved ones phones rang hours and days after the crash without being diverted to voicemail when called.

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