ISIS shoots down Russian airliner killing 220?

russian jet
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Sen. John McCain to blame?

Editor’s note: Updates are coming in saying that the aircraft indeed “broke up at high altitude.” reported Nov. 1:

“The Russian jetliner that crashed shortly after takeoff from an Egyptian resort city broke up at high altitude, scattering fragments of wreckage over a wide area in the Sinai Peninsula, Russia’s top aviation official said Sunday as search teams raced to recover the bodies of the 224 people who died.”

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The Islamic State struck a blow to Vladimir Putin claiming they shot down a Russian civilian airliner shortly after takeoff over the Sinai, and Arizona Senator John McCain may be partly to blame.

The group claimed on Twitter Saturday that, quote, “the fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God.”

Egyptian officials said the Airbus was cruising at 36,000 feet when contact with air traffic controllers was lost.

Security and military officials told the press there were no survivors. The plane had taken off with 217 passengers and seven crew members. The bodies of 150 victims, some still strapped to their seats, had been pulled from the wreckage.

In the wake of the Islamic State claims, German carrier Lufthansa and Air France-KLM have both decided to avoid the Sinai peninsula for “safety reasons.”

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If ISIS is confirmed to have shot down the plane it is possible it was done with a US made stinger missile.

Late last year US intelligence officials confirmed the probability that US made Stinger missiles had fallen into Islamic State hands after they took over Sunni strongholds armed by the United States.

Footage produced by the Free Syrian Army however does confirm the existence of shoulder fired rockets in Syria and their capability to shoot down a helicopter mid-flight.

This controversial photo shows Arizona Senator John McCain meeting with Free Syrian Army leaders. John McCain has been a strong supporter of arming Syrian rebels.

Owing no allegiance to the United States, or John McCain, members of the Free Syrian Army have defected to join the Islamic State.

While Russian officials are downplaying the claim that ISIS shot down the Russian Airbus, the facts available show that there is a VERY HIGH likelihood that US Stinger missiles supplied by John McCain, or the United States, fell into Islamic State hands and may have been used to attack Russian civilians leaving Egypt.

Earlier this month John McCain fold Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that, he wanted to quote, “give those guys the ability to shoot down those planes.”

It appears he may have gotten his wish.

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