ISIS to use inexpensive micro-drone technology in future swarm attack?

Micro-drone swarms to become next terror threat

(INTELLIHUB) — Now that micro-drones have become a household commodity — terrorists are seeking access to advanced swarming technologies to gain ground on enemy forces out in the field.

“It is conceivable that some day soon we will see someone’s otherwise capable military security force penetrated, defeated or even overrun by such technologies,” Lt. Michael Nagata, Director of Strategic and Operational Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center, said at a recent special operations summit.

Imagine a swarm of micro-drones outfitted with deadly neurotoxic gas dispensers or radioactive materials — such a scenario may soon be a reality.

Shepard Ambellas covered the U.S. Air Force’s version of such technology in an January 13 article he wrote for Infowars titled “Autonomous Micro-Drone Swarms Launched from F/A-18 Super Hornets Now a Reality.” In the piece Ambellas details how the $20 million Perdix drone program, which uses artificial intelligence (A.I.), is a success.

Ambellas wrote:

Perdix are designed in such a way that the operator need not “micromanage” the swarm’s behavior, but rather Perdix decides best how to run its own plays within the parameters of its mission.

Although Nagata didn’t specifically mention ‘micro-drones’ in his statement their mere accessibility on the consumer market has become worrisome.

While it’s true the Perdix drone program ran U.S. taxpayers a cool $20M, the costs don’t detour terrorists who have access to a local Radio Shack or Toy’s R Us. The end result, a micro-drone swarm, has been achieved by techies in both the public and private sector before.

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