Looks like the 1987 film The Running Man was quite accurate in depicting current times

(INTELLIHUB) — Megyn Kelly practiced law for over 10 years and should be well aware of libel laws and defamation of character. However, Fox News and Megyn Kelly may have to answer for a down and dirty trick they pulled on Jack Posobiec during Thursday night’s ‘Pizzagate’ episode which aired on The Kelly File.

During the broadcast Jack Posobiec, a well known political operative in the D.C. area, was defamed when The Kelly File flashed images of Posobiec labeling him as the “Pizzagate conspiracy gunman” who is “facing charges,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s a scenario straight out of the (1987) film The Running Man, in which the mainstream media labeled a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger “the butcher of Bakersfield” despite the fact that the character didn’t commit the alleged crime. Ironically, the setting for the film was written to take place in the year 2019, which would only be two years from now.

A description of the film posted online reads:

In the year 2019, America is a totalitarian state where the favorite television program is ”The Running Man” — a game show in which prisoners must run to freedom to avoid a brutal death. Having been made a scapegoat by the government, an imprisoned Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has the opportunity to make it back to the outside again by being a contestant on the deadly show, although the twisted host, Damon Killian (Richard Dawson), has no intention of letting him escape.

Posobiec, who recently changed his Twitter description to read “future CEO of Fox News” tweeted this Friday:

Fox News aired Posobiec’s picture instead of the picture of the actual gunman identified as Edgar M. Welch, pictured in the tweet below:

If Posobiec seeks legal action Fox News may have to pay.

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Youtuber David Seaman breaks it all down in the following video, calling the broadcast “the pinnacle of fake news.”


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