UPDATE: “Classified” JADE HELM documents allude “martial law” may go “hot”, “enemy combatants” to be rounded up

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Intellihub Editors Note: When we first viewed the video by YouTuber Professor Doom that showed these documents, we decided to publish an article about them with the acknowledgement that there was simply no way we could confirm them. We did this because, unlike other alternative media websites, we actually like to publish things (always with a warning) that are unconfirmed in order to have our SMART and dedicated readers help us either debunk or confirm them.

If you see an article on Intellihub that doesn’t have a note at the top saying unconfirmed and asking for any intel our readers may have, you can safety assume that we believe 100% of the contents of that article to be true. Articles such as this one are completely different and should not be immediately believed. 

This article has made it clear that we need to better explain this on our About Us page which will soon be updated. People make mistakes, especially when they aren’t equipped with a massive team paid for with corporate dollars. 

With that being said, we are 95% sure that these documents are fake. There are numerous weird misspellings and more importantly there is no use of the “nomenclature” that the military is so keen to use. Unfortunately, the YouTube video does not say how the YouTuber came across the original Imgur links that contained the “documents.”

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Instead of removing this article completely which would have made some readers think it was censored and thus true, we have decided to preface it with this editors note and a promise to make unconfirmed reports more clear in the future. 

Original Article

Detainees to be sent to a “centralized holding facility” for “threat assessment”


By Shepard Ambellas

Editor’s Note: There is no way Intellihub can confirm the authenticity of the documents in question.

(INTELLIHUB) — Newly leaked and “classified” JADE HELM documents reveal how the military has preplanned for “martial law” in America “if zone 1 and 2 to go hot.”

This revelation comes as a big concern to some after the massive Spec Ops exercise dubbed “JADE HELM 15” officially started Wednesday.

Under “guidelines” for martial law “persons determined to be enemy combatants” will be “sent to a centralized holding facility” at “Reese AFB” which is located in Lubbock, Texas.

Source: U.S. Army Special Command

“U.S. Government officials” and even a “DoD review panel” will then make a “threat assessment” of the detainee to better determine if he or she meets the requirements to be sent to another, more hardened, facility located in Sedona, Arizona for further processing as outlined in the document excerpt below.

MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell says, "martial law" was suggested by an attorney in White House meeting notes
Source: U.S. Army Special Command

Shockingly this all dovetails with the fact that the White House has already giving Spec Ops the green light to use lethal force on American citizens.

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