Japanese company wants to turn the moon into a giant solar farm

Japanese solar company wants to build a solar farm on the moon that is over a hundred times bigger than any on earth

By John Vibes

JAPAN (INTELLIHUB) — Japan’s Shimizu Corporation is seeking to build the largest solar plant that the world has ever seen, but they want to build it on the moon.  The plan calls for a massive ring of solar panels that span the equator of the moon and transmit energy to earth in the form of microwaves and laser beams.   The official name for the project is the “Lunar Ring”.

The largest solar farm on American soil is 90,000 acres or around 140 miles. Shimizu is proposing a strip of solar cells 11,000 miles long.  If built on the earth these solar panels would wrap half way around the earth.

The Lunar Ring will take multiple generations to complete, but the Shimizu corporation is very serious about this project and has already invested a significant amount of money.

Below is a diagram of how the Lunar Ring will function:

While this plan is no overnight solution, it does seem like one of the better ideas for clean and renewable energy that anyone has put forward so far.  A plan of this magnitude would never be able to take place on Earth.  As we reported last week, a solar plant in America that is hundreds of times smaller than the proposed Lunar Ring, is actually killing birds that are flying overhead, one could only imagine the kind of damage that something the scale of Lunar Ring would cause if it were placed on Earth.  The moon seems like the perfect location for something like this, but since this has never been attempted there is always a possibility for unforeseen problems and dangers.

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