Jason Goodman on LVMPD transparency: “It’s not supposed to be us versus them”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made it extremely difficult for independent journalists to make initial press conferences, mainstream journalists tipped-off

(INTELLIHUB) — Crowdsource The Truth founder Jason Goodman appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show Wednesday where he talked about his investigation into last year’s massacre in which 58 country music concertgoers were shot and killed by alleged gunman Stephen Paddock who purportedly fired an AR-15 equipped with a bump-stock from an elevated position inside his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay hotel suite in Las Vegas.

The crowdsource investigator told Shep that the Las Vegas Police Metropolitan Department had made it extremely difficult for he and other independent journalists to attend their so-called public press conferences which were supposed to be a key source of information in the days following the shooting. However, Goodman and others found themselves getting the runaround while other mainstream journalists seemed to be punctual and in-the-know, as they were likely tipped off of the conference location with more of an advanced warning.

Goodman said it all started after independent reporter Laura Loomer asked Sheriff Joseph Lombardo a tough question during the initial conference that was broadcast live.

“Laura Loomer did brilliant work when she went over there in her first press conference and really held Lombardo’s feet to the fire, asking him difficult questions about why he was giving the public the wrong date about Paddock checking into the hotel,” he explained. “I think Laura had a valet receipt or something that showed his name and showed that he was checked in like two days prior to what Lombardo was saying.”

“If Laura Loomer can investigate that then surely the sheriff of Vegas can as well,” Goodman said. “They basically threw her out and shut her up.”

“It’s not supposed to be us versus them,” he said.

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Listen to the entire Wednesday broadcast here. (fast-forward to hour number two)

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