By Patrick Henningsen | 21st Century Wire

Sunday’s impressive “Anti-Terror Rally”, lauded by the global media as an ‘unprecedented show of solidarity’ wasn’t meant to look awkward, but it did. 

The million-strong crowds were impressive, as were the variety of people who made it out to the event. Unfortunately, our televisions, newspapers and websites were more interested in plastering the eerily contrived image of our 50 ‘world leaders’, with arms locked “in an act solidarity”, in support of “the fallen” at French political cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo.

What was designed as a globally-syndicated #kumbaya moment, instead gave off the distinct odeur of shameless political opportunism, in what can only be described as the world’s biggest-ever photo-junket for what can only be described as some of the world’s most unpopular leaders decked-out in $5,000 suits, camel hair overcoats and hipster glasses.

The only real consolation was that Tony Blair didn’t invite himself to this one…

SACRE BLEU! Luckily for Hollande, only dirty looks were exchanged between Israel’s Netanyahu and Palestine’s Abbas.

There they marched. The leaders of the free, and not so free worlds. Normally, all these artful dodgers coming together might be impressive, if not for the fact that most of the dynastic executives in attendance are each running their own unique pogroms back at home.

Indeed, much has been made recently of ‘the values we hold dear’ as fully paid-up members of the International Community, but the hypocrisy overwhelming once you survey Sunday’s motlëy crew of the oil monarchs, theocrats, neofascists, dictators, along with various and sundry CIA-backed henchman (listed below), but equally as guilty are the members of NATO’s nuclear cartel and shakedown gang of German, France, Netherlands and Britain – all share guilt on this issue.

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