Jeff Berwick Blasts Central Banking in Mainstream Media Appearances (Videos)


Earlier this week Jeff Berwick made his rounds through the mainstream media financial news circuit to discuss his Bitcoin ATM venture, and while he was there he took the opportunity to inform the audience about the scam of central baking.

Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante and Bitcoin ATM
Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante and Bitcoin ATM

By JG Vibes
April 5, 2013

Just after the Cyprus banking crisis hit, Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante made a quick announcement that the first Bitcoin ATM would be opening up in Cyprus, to help the people there get their wealth off the grid, and get rid of their government backed fiat currency. 

His announcement drew a good amount of media attention, and he was able to take the message of true economic and personal freedom to the mainstream.

FOX Business Appearance:

CNBC Appearance:

Jeff Berwick’s announcement from last week can be read in full here, but included the following message:

In Europe, institutions like the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank & the German Federal Government have forced individuals to suffer through the confiscation and devaluation of their savings through techniques like taxes, levies and inflation.

The European Central Bank published a report in October, which stated that increased demand for Bitcoin “could have a negative impact on the reputation of central banks,” particularly if the public perceives Bitcoin’s value is due to “a central bank not doing its job properly.” Yet another reason why I know this idea is a good one.

These reasons and others are why I feel that Bitcoin ATM’s time is now. We picked our slogan, “Your Future Now,” to demonstrate the immediacy with which we feel we must roll out this technology.

I’ve founded many successful internet companies, and rarely have I been as excited about an idea as Bitcoin ATM. I’ve got a great, knowledgeable team who has already contacted important people within and without the ATM and bitcoin communities to make this feasible. You’ll be intrigued by the unexpected relationships we’re forging to bring Bitcoin to more people across the globe. In gauging shop owners in the digital currency unfriendly state of California last week, the Bitcoin ATM team discovered great interest from not only those who knew Bitcoin, but also from those who did not. Stateless currencies will be a way of the future, and that’s why Bitcoin ATM, and why now.

Bitcoin’s price continues to rise, and despite a sharp drop off this week due to the instawallet hack, Bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down.


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