Jeff Sessions was a Trojan horse

Swamp creature Jeff Sessions was injected into play by deep state forces to counter the MAGA movement altogether in what can only be considered a dirty trick and a dastardly plan to undermine America.


FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s tainted Russian collusion probe into the Trump campaign finances and business associates has fallen flat in recent weeks.

However, withal it has become overtly apparent that forces within the deep state inserted Attorney General Jeff Sessions into play on the grand chessboard as a mere pawn to ultimately damage President Trump and his allies.

trojan horse

After all, why would a senator whose beholden to the military-industrial complex support Trump’s conservative agenda in the first place? Why would Sessions, in particular, who essentially has a record of being a glorified liberal be interested in supporting Trump?

As a staff writer at State of the Nation points out: “Clearly, something was amiss in the relationship struck between Candidate Trump and Senator Sessions.  And it’s quite likely that other agents of Deep State were feeding Trump hogwash about Sessions’ loyalty all the while.  Stealthily gaining Trump’s trust in this deceitful way surely compelled the president to appoint Sessions Attorney General—the single biggest mistake of his term.”

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Clearly, Sessions was a Trojan horse.

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