Jews targeted in Eastern France, Jewish cemetery defaced


Hate crimes against Jews popping up like wildflowers worldwide as terror narrative continues

SARRE-UNION, France (INTELLIHUB) — Several hundred tombs were defaced in a Jewish cemetery, France’s Interior Minister announced Sunday.

Strasbourg investigators were dispatched to the scene, cordoning it off, to isolate the evidence where about 300 tombs were defaced.

The AFP reported:

“It’s an image of desolation,” president of the Alsace region Philippe Richert told AFP, describing how Jewish steles, stone or wooden slabs often used for commemorative purposes, were knocked down and even some slabs at the gravesites had been lifted.

“One doesn’t knock over heavy steles like that dating from the 19th century very easily. it was a deliberate act of destruction,” he said.

All of this bring back memories to some as scores of Jewish steles were pushed over in 1988 in a wave of rage.

The recent fatal shooting in a Copenhagen synagogue and the Paris supermarket shooting which claimed the lives of four Jews following the Charlie Hebdo attack may have prompted the hate crime which took place in Sarre-Union on Sunday.

Now Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is calling for all of Europe’s Jews to seek refuge in Israel hyping the fear as the increased effort to combat terrorists worldwide persists.

“Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe.”, Netanyahu explained in a statement.

Other Sources:

Hundreds of tombs defaced in French Jewish cemetery: minister — AFP

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