Was JFK regularly given shots of Meth by a man called “Dr. Feel Good”?


John F. Kennedy was allegedly administered shots of Methamphetamine by a man known to the Secret Service as “Dr. Feel Good.”

By John Vibes

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Max Jacobson was a doctor, who in the 60’s created a new synthetic formula for methamphetamine, and a recent book reveals that he made regular trips to visit John F. Kennedy to give him shots of the drug.  The concoction was apparently a mixture of sheep’s blood, goat’s blood and methamphetamine.  Kennedy allegedly took the drug for chronic back pain, but regardless of the reason, regular use of methamphetamine can be extremely addictive.

Authors Richard Lertzman and William Birnes, in their book ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ allege that John F. Kennedy became addicted to the drug through a German-born doctor who also sold his medical formula to Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mantle (among others), The Daily Mail reported.

Kennedy also took steroids, meperidine (Demerol), methadone (Dolophine), methylphenidate (Ritalin), meprobamate (Miltown), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), miscellaneous barbiturates and thyroid hormone – though not all at the same time. A 1972 New York Times report quotes a doctor treating Kennedy who allegedly warned him about amphetamine use: “no President with his finger on the red button has any business taking stuff like that.”

Personally, I don’t have a problem with people using drugs, but I do have a problem with anyone, sober or otherwise, having their finger on the red button.

Either way, apparently the visits from DR. Feel good did improve Kennedy’s life at first.

The first shot Jacobson ever gave Kennedy left him a changed man, according to the NY Post.


“Suddenly JFK, who had entered the office tired and weak, had a bounce in his step and could move more easily, despite the pain that he lived with every day of his life. He felt stronger, cool, focused and very alert . . . almost as if the patient had become another person.” a source wrote.

However, as the book explains, things sometimes did take a turn for the worse.  One passage in the book talks about a session that ended with Kennedy running naked and delirious through the halls of a hotel.

“After Jacobson left the Carlyle, the President, who at first felt invigorated and vibrant, suddenly began suffering from a serious psychotic reaction to the drugs and became manic,” the authors write. “It was an absolute psychotic break. He peeled off all of his clothing and began prancing around his hotel suite.” The Secret Service became alarmed when he left the suite and began roaming the corridor.

“He was completely naked, on the verge of paranoia, and feeling so free of pain.

The book, titled “DR. Feel Good” is available in most bookstores.

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  • zonkedout1

    I imagine that the drug he used, like many of the other drugs he tried weere more of an effort to treat his Addison’s disease than his back pain. Whereas amphetamines actually exacerbate back pain, they probably helped somewhat with his other problems. Addison’s is an adrenal disease that causes fatigue, shakiness, and insomnia, not to mentiona feeling of being overwhelmed. The dopamine rush of amphetamines and the energy boost might have helped a lot. And the paranoia associated with it didn’t seem to big, compared to LBJ or Nixon.

  • IsentryReloaded

    Most of these drugs cannot even be combined..! …without serious side-effects! not to mention how dangerous it would be to inject goat blood? …sheep blood? …nothing like a good “strong” morning shot of viral pathogens to get the day started!!
    I`m not buying this BS… it is becoming way to easy to sell this crap to most people, because they are addicted(brainwashed) to good ole fashion Tabloid BS!!

  • rejco

    He was a Kennedy, of course he was a drug-addicted alcoholic liar & cheater….