JFK: An S.S. Agent’s Deathbed Confession

By Sherrie McKnight | BobTuskin.com | November 21, 2013

As the milestone 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, I was intrigued to be contacted by a man who identified himself as a very close friend and neighbor of U.S. Secret Service Samuel A. Kinney, who was the driver of the follow-up car on the day of the assassination.

John Kennedy (Photo Wikimedia Commons)
John Kennedy (Photo Wikimedia Commons)


He told me that he had some information that he felt would answer many critical questions that have yet to be answered definitely 50 years later. He told me he had created a “document” that contained proof of his longtime relationship with Sam as well as supporting documentation to back up his claims of friendship and the facts given to him by Sam one evening in 1986.

Gary Loucks, a former marine, first met Sam A. Kinney, in October of 1980 when he and his wife Dorothy moved in next door to him and his wife Hazel in Palm Springs, FL. They became fast friends and shared many good times together including annual crab cakes, cold Coors beer and a love of cowboy boots, especially full quill ostrich cowboy boots. One evening in 1986, Sam invited Gary over for a drink while their wives were out doing other things.

Gary said they “sat in Sam’s den and he began talking about his life prior to the Secret Service. He sat straight up in his chair and gazed directly across the room with his eyes fixed upon an object on the far wall. His voice was low, soft, and at times inaudible. His cocktail was in his right hand resting on his right knee. During all of our time together Sam never drank a cocktail.” Sam told Gary about his home life and the hardships of growing up and living out west in Iowa in the great depression era.

He also spoke about his high school days and then his entry into the US Navy. After his discharge from active duty from the Navy, Sam became a US Capitol Police officer which in turn helped him transfer into the Secret Service as a special agent.

After this conversation, Sam began to share information with Gary that he had never shared with anyone before. Several points of interest were the following:

The grassy knoll rifle shot: Sam stated to Gary L. Loucks that he had “no doubt that a shot came from the grassy knoll and it did happen just as many witnesses described. He said “ I saw it (the smoke) and heard it (the sound of the rifle shot). He never admitted this information to any of his family or other friends and always maintained that it never really happened.

Sam stated to Gary that he was never interviewed nor debriedfed after the assassination by the FBI or the CIA and he thought that to be amazing and unbelievable as he was a witness to this event.

Sam stated to Gary that he found the undamaged and intact bullet in question in the Presidential limo and that he in fact did place it on the President’s stretcher along with a piece of the President’s skull simultaneously at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. The bullet (CE-399) has been a very controversial piece of evidence and under much scrutiny and termed the “magic bullet.”

Also, there is a photo that shows a Secret Service Agent standing over the President’s limo with a bucket at his feet who was seen washing out the back of the car. Sam stated to Gary that he was that agent.

He shared with Gary that he did that in order to protect the image of the President, whom he was very protective of and didn’t want the nation to see him like that and one of his responsibilities was that of maintaining the cars.

To hear Mr. Loucks share more on these newly revealed secrets as told to him firsthand by Secret Service Agent Samuel A. Kinney listen to the YouTube video bellow.