Jihadists inspected UK Parliament as tourists – intel report


Islamists went on tours of the Houses of Parliament in London in order to examine the buildings, British intelligence revealed, prompting calls for the closure of the Palace of Westminster to the public.

The information on jihadists having joined groups touring the Parliament was disclosed to the MPs at one of security briefings, according to intelligence sources who spoke to the Mail on Sunday.

The revelation coming in the wake of the Canadian parliament shooting has led to Labour MP Barry Sheerman to demand that Speaker John Bercow limit the number of tourists visiting the House of Commons.

When I raised this danger earlier this year I had my knuckles rapped,” Sheerman said. “The former Commons Clerk Sir Robert Rogers accused me of being a scaremonger. But it does not just belong to the realms of Doctor Who for people to blow up Big Ben.

An aide to Bercow, who would not give his name, opposed the idea of closing Parliament for tourists, saying that it had tight enough security to prevent an attack similar to the one in Ottawa.

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