Joe Rogan: Chemtrail believers are ‘crazy nuts’


In an epic failure, UFC commentator and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan discounts that chemtrails are actually real

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — In a recent radio interview with Roseanne Barr on “The Joe Rogan Experience”, Joe Rogan himself stated to Barr, “Those crazy nuts have got your mind fucking warped”, referring to chemtrail researchers, after engaging in a discussion with Barr.

Rogan, who did a SyFy television show on chemtrails dedicating an entire episode to the issue, said that, “The more I pay attention to it, the more I think that people are very confused as to what’s going on”.

While Rogan admits the government has sprayed “particles” on people and admits cloud seeding is real, he discounts that chemtrails actually exist. Going on to talk about how jet engines create their own clouds when they pass through certain levels of humidity. “This is just what happens if you get an engine to pass through the  environment”, going on to discredit Michael Murphy’s documentary film “What in the World Are They Spaying?”.

“Aluminum is a part of nature”, stated Rogan.

Roseanne Bar then asked Rogan the question, “So you are saying they are not spraying chemicals on us?”

Rogan replied, “No, they’re not”, continuing to rant about how too many people would “have to be quiet” if the agenda was real.

Rogan appears to be discounting the fact that chemtrail sprayer planes do not follow standard flight paths and the planes do not show up on PlaneFinder applications. Maybe Rogan should take a good look at “SHADE the Motion Picture“, which documents such applications.

While I agree with Rogan that the burning of jet fuel in they sky is toxic, chemtrals are a separate phenomenon.

H/T Roseanne Barr

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