(INTELLIHUB) — In what can only be described as one of the most entertaining episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe Rogan and his co-hosts argued tirelessly over the controversial ‘flat earth theory.’

If you are not privy to the theory, it’s what people believed for years before the earth was ‘proven’ to be a ball. To make the theory even more interesting, a good portion of ‘flat-earthers,’ (i.e. people who believe in the flat earth theory or a variance of it) feel that the ‘flat earth’ is “stationary.”

“How much have you looked into the science of space travel?” The former Fear Factor host asked Eddie Bravo during the podcast, knocking Bravo’s outrageous flat earth conspiracies which Rogan says are simply not true. Rogan said that Bravo is “crazy” and feels that Bravo has overlooked real and factual information.

During the podcast, Bravo asked Rogan to name ‘what the space shuttle has done for humanity.’

“There is a lot of innovation” that comes from NASA, Rogan explained. “There is this massive competition between all of the top scientists in the world — and to think that that’s all fake doesn’t make any sense.”

Lexi Morgan is an opinion journalist at Intellihub News & Politics.
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