John Cullen breaks down the Las Vegas air assault, helicopter evidence, and leaked autopsy reports

This is a ‘must watch’ presentation. Please follow the link below to the live Periscope broadcast!

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Youtuber and investigative reporter John Cullen appeared on a live Periscope with Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman on Thursday, where he broke down details surrounding the helicopters that were airborne but not showing on radar during the 1 October shooting.

The well-spoken researcher also talked about three leaked autopsy reports which seem to support the helicopter theory.

Cullen maintains that the massacre was a Wahhabi Saudi-sponsored event.

All of this came about after Shepard Ambellas and a member of the intelligence community presented evidence of the air assault on The Alex Jones Show last Halloween.

You can watch the full broadcast via CrowdsourcetheTruth/Periscope here.

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