John McAfee: Everybody has something to hide it’s just a matter of from whom

The permissionless system of crypto

(INTELLIHUB) — Computer programmer and businessman John McAfee joined the Intellihub Podcast on Tuesday where he talked about why his new $GHOST platform is the way to go in terms of anonymity.

Everybody says ‘if you’ve got nothing to hid you’ve got nothing to fear’ but let me divest you on that attitude if I may,” he the security tech mogul explained. “Everybody has something to hide it’s just a matter of from whom.”

McAfee went on to point out for example that many people may have called in sick to their boss but they may be out golfing–hiding what they are really doing from their boss.

“Has anybody ever cheated on their spouse? he asked. “Well if you have more than likely, you are trying to hide that from your significant other.”

“Everybody has something to hide,” he said.

McAfee’s new platform $GHOST will offer cryptocurrency and private communication encryption.


When asked about COVID contact tracing, McAffee replied: “Is that not the scariest thing?”

The famous computer security designer went on to talk about how the FBI has the “ability to collect anybody under an emergency… without a court order… and detain them indefinitely.”

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