John Podesta denies ever holding stock in Kremlin-backed company despite reports

"I didn't have any stock in a Russian company"

(INTELLIHUB) — Hillary Clinton’s former Campaign Chairman John Podesta appeared on Fox Business on Thursday to talk about his secret House Intelligence Committee meeting over the ‘Russia election meddling probe’ but instead was unexpectedly bombarded with real and viable questions from “Mornings with Maria” host Maria Bartiromo.

During the segment Bartiromo asked Podesta if he finds it odd that “there has been so much attention on the Trump Campaign, his associates, and their potential collusion with Russia when , in fact, it’s really the Democrats who have deeper and stronger ties to Russia.”

The host, who is now essentially a mainstream hero, asked Podesta about his widely reported ties to a Kremlin-backed company in which he was given 75,000 shares of stock, which Intellihub previously reported in a March 27 report titled: “Report: John Podesta failed to disclose 75,000 stock shares in Russian financed company.”

“Maria that’s not true,” Podesta responded. “I fully disclosed and was completely compliant with, oh and by the way I divested before I went into the White House.”

To no surprise, Podesta, who is also the main focus of the online Pizzagate conspiracy, categorically denies Bartiromo’s claims and maintains the story is “not true,” despite existing evidence to the contrary.


“I didn’t have any stock in any Russian company, so go back and get your facts straight Maria,” Podesta said. “It’s not a Russian company.”

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