Journalist’s Facebook posts are being labeled as “spam” then deleted

Internet censorship is now in full effect

(INTELLIHUB) — As-of-late, Infowars journalist Paul Joeseph Watson’s Facebook posts are being labeled as “spam” and are being deleted from the social media mega site altogether in what Watson says is blatant censorship.

“… they are basically banning every second Infowars post I make by declaring it spam,” Watson said on the Alex Jones Show Tuesday.

The seasoned alternative media journalist first thought the reason that his posts were being deleted by Facebook was because he was posting the same articles on two separate accounts of his, however, a quick test revealed that it was not the case and that the articles are somehow just being deleted.

“… this censorship is really coming down hard,” Watson said.

On a side note, Watson said that all of the leftist channels, all of the social justice warriors and feminists are all “giving up.”

“They are all just quitting their YouTube channels because we are whooping their ass on YouTube.”

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