Judge Napolitano: White House instruction to send FCC agents into newsrooms ‘chilling’


The freedom of press in guaranteed under the 1st Amendment–however, the White House sees it differently with new instructions for the FCC

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — As you may know, on many occasions president Barack Obama has addressed the public directly, saying that he supports the need for a “free press” in America.

However, actions speak louder than words and recently the White House, under the Obama Administration, has taken action against the best interests of the American people with the release of a new white paper that instructs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to send agents into news rooms to see how exactly the press agency determines what news stories to carry and why.

While it’s no mystery that former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interns, such as Anderson Cooper, are embedded into newsrooms nationwide, now it’s being openly admitted that the U.S. is moving toward a “radical new era of tyranny”, as pointed out by Fox News correspondent Judge Napolitano on a recent broadcast of Fox & Friends.

Napolitano went on to point out how “chilling” this really is, it’s a direct “violation of the 1st Amendment”, said Napolitano.

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