Judge Napoltano: ‘Obama faces 10-years for botched prisoner swap’

By Staff Writer

According to Napolitano, President Obama may have broken known terror laws

(INTELLIHUB) — “You’re accusing the President of the United States as aiding and abetting the enemy”, Shepard Smith with Fox News stated to Judge Napolitano in an attempt to clear up his opinion. Napolitano answered simply, “Yes”.

Was the swap, five terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Begdahl legal on Obama’s part?

“Be releasing these guys into the theatre of war in the Middle East he has provided material assistance to a terrorist organization. Fact, the Taliban has been declared by the Congress and the President to be a non-state terrorist organization. Fact, federal statute makes it a crime punishable by 10-years in jail, up to life in prison, for materially aiding a terrorist organization. Fact, the courts have ruled any assistance, knowingly and intentionally, provided to a terrorist organization by an American, makes that American liable for prosecution under this statute.”, Said Napolitano, proving Barack Obama, the President of the United States has broken laws, warranting prosecution.

Moreover, Obama seems to think he is above the law, not even batting an eye.

(Image: youtube.com)

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