Judge: ‘No Less than 30 Years’ – Sandusky Sentenced for Pedophile Crimes


“In my heart I did not do these alleged disgusting acts.” Jerry Sandusky in Court

By Shepard Ambellas
October 10, 2012

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, 68, has been sentenced to no less that 30 years in jail in what amounts to the rest of his life behind bars.

Attendees stated that the former coach looked cold at his hearing with no signs of remorse as testimony from victims was hard to stomach.

One victim reported;

“I am troubled with flashbacks of his naked body, something that will never be erased from my memory.

Jerry has harmed children, of which I am one of them.”

It was reported by the New York Times and others that Sandusky looked very skinny in court after losing weight in jail.

This comes as the bi-product of his conviction for sexually abusing at least 10 children.

According to boston.com there is more to come of this;

While the criminal case against Sandusky is over, the fallout will persist. With Penn State facing enormous civil liability, the university has said it wants to ‘‘privately, expeditiously and fairly’’ settle with Sandusky’s victims.

Ben Andreozzi, an attorney for one of them, said Tuesday the university will need to do more:

‘‘It’s important they understand before we get into serious discussions about money, that there are other, noneconomic issues. We need apologies. We need changes in policy. This isn’t just about money.’’

An investigation commissioned by Penn State and led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh concluded that Paterno and other top officials covered up allegations against Sandusky for more than a decade to avoid bad publicity.

After the report came out last summer, the NCAA fined Penn State a record $60 million, barred the football team from postseason play for four years, cut the number of scholarships it can award, and erased 14 years of victories for Paterno, stripping him of his standing as the winningest coach in the history of big-time college football.

Two university administrators, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, are awaiting trial in January on charges they failed to properly report suspicions about Sandusky and lied to the grand jury that investigated him.

Given the chance to speak before learning his sentence, Sandusky chose to focus on himself.

To this day Sandusky maintains his innocence despite overwhelming evidence and victim testimony.

Sadly the corporate media has completely ignored the more serious claims that Sandusky was actually part of an elitist pedophile ring that sold children to wealthy donors.

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