Julian Assange on the TPP, NSA spying, and his own ambiguous future

Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! speaks with the Wikileaks founder at the Ecuador Embassy in London

Lauren McCauley | Common Dreams

In an hour-long interview aired Wednesday, Julian Assange spoke with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! at the Ecuador embassy in London and shared his perspective on NSA spying, the pending Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and other controversies.

The Wikileaks founder currently awaits his own fate as he faces investigations by both Sweden and the United States. An ongoing and underground grand jury operation out of Virginia is investigating WikiLeaks for its role in publishing a trove of leaked documents and State Department cables about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Meanwhile, Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning on allegations of sexual misconduct, though no charges have been filed.

You can watch the full interview organized into segments below:

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