Kansas City highway sniper terrorizes commuters, vehicular shootings reach 20 instances

In a world gone mad, commuters in Kansas City are being terrorized by a highway sniper, already wounding three

By Shepard Ambellas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (INTELLIHUB) — The FBI is now hunting an urban sniper which has already struck three people with bullets, who were traveling along a specific stretch of Interstates 435 and 470.

While authorities have told commuters using those Interstates to “remain vigilant”, others, such as Cindy Lester, say they would rather take a detour from that route.

However, interestingly, witness reports vary–while one victim claims a person, wearing a black ski mask, drove toward them, firing from an oncoming traffic lane, others say that no cars were around when they were struck.

According to a recent report by ABC News, authorities say that most of the shootings have taken place near highway exits or interchanges. Authorities also stated that “handguns” may have been used in some of the cases.

Police urge drivers to remain on “high alert”.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)