KOREAN PENINSULA (INTELLIHUB) — U.S. military exercises are currently underway in the region as tensions flare worldwide but that’s not stopping North Korea’s, Kim Jong-un from commencing missile testing as early as next week, reports say.

In the South’s capital city Seoul 28,000 U.S. forces along with their South Korean counterparts are conducting full-scale training exercises in response to North Korea’s fearless leader’s recent provocations.

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Theodore Martin told Fox News that his job there is to ‘deter aggression.’

“We train very hard every day so that they know we’re ready in the event of a transition of crisis,” the Maj. Gen. said.

Multiple launch rocket systems have been deployed as part of the operation and can fire live rockets if need be which can reach targets well inside N. Korea “some 15 miles away,” according to Fox News’ Greg Palkot who is on location.

North Korea’s leadership reportedly sees the drills as a preparation for an invasion.

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