By Shepard Ambellas | December 28, 2013 | 1:00am EDT

Newly released video of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting crime scene reveals a few interesting details for sure, including film of unspent rounds on the ground outside of several cars–but more importantly the footage reveals a lack of blood

NEWTOWN (INTELLIHUB) — I just got done reviewing some of the newly released Sandy Hook crime scene footage after receiving a call from Jason Bermas who I made the film “Shade” with. Jason is always on top of archived info, and is a good friend.

At a first glance at the footage it brought me back to that very day. I remember watching all of the news reports on T.V. and seeing the school filmed from an aerial view out of news choppers.

In fact as days went on, Jason Bermas and I were engulfed into independent investigations of the alleged “mass shooting” as nothing was adding up. For some reason the official story just didn’t seem right. And now, even with he newly released footage we still have a lot of unanswered questions, and likely a few new ones.

In the video labeled “CDMCS School Exterior – 13 min (.wma, 152 MB)”, published by the Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection we see the following:

At 1m and 47s into the video we clearly can see two black hooded sweatshirts outside of the black Honda Civic laying on the ground to the passenger side.

Hooded Shirts

Could this possibly signify the presence of more than one shooter?

Another interesting thing to point out is the fact that at least one live unfired cartridge was found on the ground next to Lanza’s vehicle. This can be seen at 3m and 6s into the video. Surprisingly the unspent round resembles a 7.62mm bullet, not typical of the AR-15 which was said to be found inside the school as AR-15’s typically are bored for .223 cal. (Below)

Live ammo

Other unspent shells were found in the parking lot as well behind another vehicle. One noticeably was a .410 shotgun shell that can be seen at 4m 10s into the video tagged “504”. (below)

Shotgun shell

Then at 4m and 6s into the video we see a Russian made Izhmash .410 semi-automatic shotgun and 2 clips, fully loaded.


 We also see in numerous places throughout the video “redacted content”, raising the eyebrows on some like myself, who question why content would be redacted. 

Content Redacted

It may also be important to point out that several vehicles in the school’s parking lot were shot up several times.  A close up of one of the bullet holes found in a green Honda Civic can be seen in the video labeled “CDMCS Vehicle Processing – 7 min (.wma, 87 MB)” at 21s in.

Bullet hole

Another video filmed at the Lanza’s home entitled “Scene video 36 Yogananda St. – 35 min (.wma, 413 MB)” reveals signs of forced entry at the residence, however the detective filming mentions that the garage door was breached by authorities upon arrival.

In the video the cameraman slowly walks through the residence filming every room in fairly good detail. Interestingly enough, parts of this video have been redacted as well. Although at 19m and 39s into the video a removed and intentionally damaged computer hard drive can clearly be seen. But one might ask: why would someone planning to kill themselves go through such a process to remove and destroy a hard drive? 

hard drive

A gun safe was also found open and mostly emptied. A few boxes of rounds an old rifle remained. Shot up targets were also stacked in the garage. A target stand and a few 100 round drums were found in Adam Lanza’s closet as well.

Black plastic bags were also found tapped over Adam’s bedroom windows, in what looks like an attempt to block passersby from looking in. Also found in a room nearby are at least 2 handgun cases, one labeled “Glock” and a few rifle bags placed on the floor in a semi orderly manner. However, its hard to say what is orderly as it appears the Lanza’s were quite the pack rats. The house is very cluttered.

Upon entry into Adam’s mothers room you can clearly see what appears to be a .22 long rifle laying on the floor next to the bed. No blood spatter is present, although some of the footage is redacted.


While these videos and documents provide some insight into the various crime scene layouts connected to the mass shooting, a lot of unanswered questions remain.

Intellihub forensic investigators will be combing the newly released documents and video footage over the coming days. We will keep you updated with our findings.

H/T @JasonBermas


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Shepard Ambellas is the founder and director of Intellihub News. 




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