SHOCKER: Lady Gaga tells top 1% Yale study participants she was “genetically made”

“What they want is a thoroughbred,” Gaga told a crowd of 200 select youths

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (INTELLIHUB) — The Skull and Bones backed Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Born This Way Foundation sponsored Emotion Revolution Summit 2015 pulled together 200 high school kids, of the 22,000 who participated, onto the Yale campus for what can only be described as an indoctrination ceremony of the top 1%.

To top it all off the foundation had Illuminati-backed superstar Lady Gaga give a presentation to the class of 200 in which she said a few alarming things.

During her speech Gaga told the audience that she doesn’t see a distinction between herself being a “staff worker” for the foundation and or an “artist” because she “created” herself. Additionally Gaga explained to the youths how she was “genetically made,” just before she quickly corrected herself by adding, “I was born this way.”

Gaga went on to tell the students no matter how much “success […] fame [or] fortune,” they experience they need to always except themselves.

“The person you need to accept is you,” Gaga said.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence co-authored a piece which better explains how Yale essentially “conducted an unprecedented online survey of [22,000] teens nationwide.”

“The results were clear. When asked how they currently feel in school, approximately 75% of the words the students used were negative. Just 23% were positive,” the authors wrote in an attempt to generate another problem that will eventually need a massive bureaucracy to sort it all out, which they can then offer a solution to step in and fix. The old problem, reaction, solution trick which in the long run will likely generate future revenue for any ‘no-bid’, in-the-pocket, cronies who’ve latched on.

The authors also made it a point to mention how the “results clearly demonstrate the need to close the gap between what students are currently feeling in school and how they want to be feeling,” which really just gets into Twilight Zone territory in my humble opinion. I mean–I don’t remember having to deal with any of this when I was a kid and, to think, I turned out just fine. Back than kids were just kids and school was school. Hell, maybe I watched too many Nike commercials when I was younger, because my motto was ‘Just Do It’–and I did just that.

When I was a kid my friends and I were daredevils and weren’t afraid of getting hurt. We often pushed and tested our limits. We actually got out and got our feet wet so-to-speak. And if you think about it this could be one of the biggest problems we are facing here in America today. The fact that everything has become so politically correct and that everyone has become so pussified. Essentially we have raised a new generation of castrated and afraid zombies who easily get their feelings hurt if they don’t agree with someone else’s opinion. However the world should be based more on reality and human nature. It is what it is, for instance. Manners, respect, and rules should all exist and have their place, but the pc. culture has just gone entirely too far.

Moreover and even worse is the fact that the authors of the piece even made mention of how they used prominent people to speak at the Emotion Revolution Summit, including “Lady Gaga,” to advocate a certain narrative to the chosen, youthful, one percent, which quite possibly are the youngest prospects to ever be “tapped” by the secret society.

Additionally the Huffington Post reported, “The Emotion Revolution Summit was a first step in that process, bringing together young people with teachers and education leaders such as Yale University President Dr. Peter Salovey and New York City Department of Education Chancellor Carmen Fariña, passionate speakers including journalist Soledad O’Brien, Life is Good Co-Founder Bert Jacobs, and poet Azure Antoinette, and advocates like Lady Gaga.” And if bringing all of these renown people together to speak to a select core of 200 kids isn’t strange enough, rest assured, it gets stranger.