LAPD drone testing to ensue, public will no longer be free

Drone aircraft to takeover the skies, no place to hide

By Shepard Ambellas

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — Well people, the public domain will soon no longer be safe in any way, shape or form as aerial drones will soon lurk about everywhere. And yes I do mean everywhere. There will literally be no place to hide and no place will be private. It’s the end of privacy as we know it.

According to reports, three Draganflyer X6 advanced drone aircraft, capable of aerial video monitoring, were purchased used by the Los Angeles Police Dept. recently from the Seattle P.D. using federal grant money. Needless to say this has caused some outcry by the general pubic as some feel the LAPD’s push to use drones will not only further trample what’s left of their constitutional rights but likely endanger them physically as well. However, despite the public’s concern the LAPD is pushing toward testing the drone aircraft and plans on filing paperwork with the FAA which permits the testing of such technologies now allowed in 6 states.

CBS Los Angeles also reported:

During a news conference Thursday at LAPD headquarters, Chief Beck said the UAVs could be used in police “standoffs, perimeters, suspects hiding…we’re interested in those applications.”

He also defended the decision by the LAPD to pursue the drones by pointing to the fact that such devices are already “in the hands of private citizens” and businesses.

“When retailers start talking about using them to deliver packages, we would be silly not to at least have a discussion of whether we want to use them in law enforcement,” Beck said.


Moreover, it’s already been reported by Intellihub and others that Compton police are already using eye in the sky technologies to monitor suspects in realtime.

(Photo: Draganfly Innovations)

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