Las Vegas casino CEO says Stephen Paddock never touched alcohol, always behaved rationally


The Wynn Resort’s 6-year security dossier on the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock suggests that the shooter was not a drinker and was rational

(INTELLIHUB) — Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts Steve Winn told “Fox News Sunday” that he increased his property’s security budget by tens-of-millions of dollars nearly two years ago after consulting top experts in the field, including members of SEAL Team 6, who warned Wynn of flaws in his system.

“Basically we had to expand security by tens-of-millions of dollars to cover every entrance, to retrain the entire workforce, from housekeeping to room service and people who are in the tower who are observing people,” the Vegas mogul explained. “We had to cover every exit and every aspect of the building to see if we could identify or preempt any kind of terroristic or violent action.” billionaire tycoon points out that nothing is ever perfect but says that there are ways to minimize and mitigate threats while still allowing 15,000-20,000 people daily roam the resort uninhibited.

Although the billionaire tycoon points out that nothing is ever perfect, he says that there are ways to minimize and mitigate threats while still allowing 15,000-20,000 people daily roam the resort uninhibited.

Wynn admits that Mandalay Bay’s owner MGM typically does a good job protecting its guests but said that in retrospect his hotel’s security team would have never let a guest hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on their door for more than 12-hours without some type of investigation being done on behalf of the guest’s personal safety. (In other words, MGM security should have been red flagged after Stephen Paddock did not emerge from his room for several days.)

“We profile, inspect, or examine any person that enters the building,” he said. ‘No guns are allowed in Winn Resort other than the ones my employees carry.’


Wynn confirms his resort is equipped magnetometers that detect any gun entering or moving into common areas of congestion and mentioned that it would be unlikely that someone would be able to sneak guns up to their room packed in their luggage as Paddock purportedly did.

But perhaps the most shocking remarks out of Wynn’s mouth came as he revealed information compiled in Stephen Paddock’s security dossier which contradicts the official narrative. Astonishingly, Wynn told Fox News that Paddock had been coming to Las Vegas for 11-years and said that Paddock frequented Winn Resort at least once or twice a month for years.

Wynn explained that Paddock had a “vanilla” profile and was only a “modest gambler” who always “paid promptly.” According to Winn, Paddock and his girlfriend Marilou Danley talked about “normal and mundane things” and never caused any trouble.

“If there was anything interesting that we’ve discovered in the years of service, and we have butlers, waiters, and masseuses, and people in the beauty shop, that know this woman and this man completely […] but if there is anything interesting that stood out over the six-years is that no one has ever seen the gentlemen or the lady take a drink of wine, beer, or alcohol of any kind,” he explained. “Now a lot of people don’t drink but considering their frequenting of restaurants and their behavior of normal tourists taking advantage of everything that’s available in our resort, they never imbibed in any liquor. Their behavior was conservative, private, understated in every way. You never ever would stop a man like this from coming into the building.”

Moreover, it appears that Winn may know details about the shooting which have not yet been officially released to the public. Details on how the shooter traversed his way around the Mandalay Bay, possibly by using the service elevator.

“[…] nobody in this company’s history, no public person has ever walked in a service elevator unless they were accompanied by security, that wouldn’t happen,” he said. “I’m just saying, anything like that […] would have triggered an alarm here.”

Wynn told Fox News that he does not know why Paddock did what he did but said Paddock appeared to be a “rational man.”

“This is a man that behaved rationally, privately, a little introverted, liked to play video poker but he was a rational man and every historical review of his behavior says that he was a rational man and so was his girlfriend,” he explained. “This [man’s] behavior, according to my employees, is a stunning, as unexpected, as anybody, any of them, have ever met.


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