“There was a high-output rifle shooting from the Mandalay into the crowd […] some type of aircraft”

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Numerous witnesses to the 1 October shooting claim to have seen or heard helicopters that night during the shooting and some survivors even fear the sounds of them.

One man who survived the shooting by fleeing the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival over to the Tropicana recorded the details on video as they unfolded — and what he said may shock you.

“I’m running from this concert,” the man said while gasping for air. “There was some shooting.”

“It was a high-output rifle shooting from the Mandalay Bay into the crowd — shots are still being fired — everybody is still running out,” he explained. “People are running, shots are being fired from the Mandalay Bay from a high-output rifle or some type of aircraft.”

Astonishingly, the man’s account dovetails with dozens of Intellihub reports which suggest that an air assault was conducted via helicopter.

Featured Image: U.S. Department of Defense/Flickr
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