Las Vegas shooting victim suffered through and through shrapnel wound: Video

A man and a woman who escaped the horrific 1 October Las Vegas shooting with their lives were scared by shrapnel and their wounds were captured on video.

Police-worn body camera video from the night of October 1, 2017, reveals that a man was hit by ricochet shrapnel when over ten 100-round volleys of gunfire directed at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival ensued.

At 10 minutes and 35 seconds (10:35) into the video, an unnamed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer can be seen arriving at a residence in which the wounded man retreated to after being struck by debris presumably kicked up by fully-automatic rounds.

“It kinda looks like he got hit by shrapnel,” the officer said. “He’s got what looks like ricochet shrapnel through and through on his arm — he’s got shrapnel on his face and his right knee.

A female who was with the man was also injured.