LASD Aero Bureau: ‘The UFO over Covina was just a floating car advertisement balloon’


On Aug. 28, 2017, a metallic object was spotted in the sky hovering in place and was captured on film by several people

COVINA, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — On August 28, 2017, a number of eyewitnesses captured video footage from multiple angles of a large metallic spherical shaped object being intercepted by a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department helicopter which has stirred up quite the controversy on YouTube and other social media platforms in the days following.

“We have this weird circle in the middle of nowhere up in the sky — we don’t know what this could be,” one man said while filming the object. “It looks like a big balloon but we don’t see anything holding it.”

So what was it?

An officer from the LASD Aero Bureau told “thirdphaseofthemoon” in a statement over the telephone that the object was nothing more than an advertisement for a car dealer.

“Apparently from what the air crew said […] they were investigating it and when they got overhead and were like circling around it they discovered that it was some car advertisement balloon or something like that that was just floating up there,” the officer said. “As far as specifics I don’t really know about […] how it was up there or whatnot.”

However, the officer could not provide a dealership name nor could and wording be seen on the so-called “sign” from the ground (i.e. if it was a sign it was not very effective).

The City of Covina, California as it appears on Google Maps.

The officer said that he doesn’t think that the object was “significant enough” for the air crew to have taken a picture.

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