‘Last Warning’ to Egyptian President and Echo’s of Same in America

The Egyptian President was forced to evacuate his palace as the “Last Warning” demonstrations out front heated up.

By Shepard Ambellas
December 4, 2012

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi is moving forward with a non-constitutional dictatorship stance as police fired teargas on thousands of protestors.

Muri is blocking a popular vote with powers granted to him on November 22 of this year to instigate a new constitution. The people are outraged that Muri has gained so much power and do not agree with the current version of their constitution.

Yasmine Saleh reports from Cairo, “Riot police at the palace faced off against activists chanting “leave, leave” and holding Egyptian flags with “no to the constitution” written on them. Protesters had assembled near mosques in northern Cairo before marching towards the palace…. “Our marches are against tyranny and the void constitutional decree and we won’t retract our position until our demands are met,” said Hussein Abdel Ghany, a spokesman for an opposition coalition of liberal, leftist and other disparate factions.”

This is a good example of what is going on in America right now, silently as the media hides the truth in the shadows. Newfound movements like “Occupy Wall Street” and others have not fully taken off gaining only some steam. While some protestors more dedicated then others remain encamped to this day at certain locations nationwide.

Meanwhile, a massive looting of the Corporation of the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” has taken place while the current Puppet-in-Chief gains yet even more unconstitutional dictatorial power signing more executive orders than any president in US history.

Some, like Radio Talk Show Host “Clyde Lewis” feel that movements such as OWS are a government orchestrated PSY-OP leading the population into a violent upheaval.

Whatever the case, the problems in Egypt mirror the ones in America in ways.


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