Lava at Puma geothermal plant covers at least one wellhead

Lava continues to creep its way onto PGV property and has already covered one wellhead, prompting officials to issue several statements on Sunday

HILO (INTELLIHUB) — Lava has penetrated the property line at Puna Geothermal Venture and has covered at least one wellhead at the site, officials say. Lava is expected to cover over more of the plant’s wells over the next few days but no one knows for sure what will happen.

A Hawaii Civil Defense Agency spokesman released a statement Sunday in which he told residents that the situation is under control for the time being. Additionally officials say they’ve  confirmed that no hydrogen sulfide has been detected.

PGV is owned by Nevada-based Ormat Technologies.

CBS News reports: “An active fissure in the hard-hit Leilani Estates community began belching lava at a faster rate on Sunday, forcing some residents to evacuate and leaving one man briefly trapped in his home. Hawaii News Now reported that the man was eventually guided safely off his property by emergency crews”

USGS warns explosive eruption at Kilauea volcano likely, red aviation code issued


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