Law professor: ‘History is complex — you learn from it — including the mistakes’

A George Washington University professor of law says that removing various historical statues is not going to solve anything

(INTELLIHUB) — Parts and pieces of American history have literally been erased from history in recent days as the debate over the removal of numerous historical statues intensifies just as the mainstream media planned. However, in the real world, things are not that simple, says one law professor.

“The fact is history is complex,” Johnathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University said. “One of the things we try to teach our students is that history is not that neat — you learn from it — including the mistakes.”

“These statues represent, sort of, markers in our history that evolve,” he said. “George Washington was a transitional figure in that sense. At the end of his life he was steadfast opposed to slavery. He’s the only founder and the only slave-owning president who freed his slaves at the end of his life.”

Turley acknowledges that George Washington was a slave owner but says that Washington’s significance in history is important.

“We need to understated who these people were,” he said.

The professor also commented on the “lack of balance” that these movements represent and said that removing these statues in the middle of the night “is not good for a country.”

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