Layaway Bills Nationwide Are Being Paid Off By Anonymous Charitable Donors

By John Vibes

Anonymous benefactors have been walking into local department stores and paying off layaway bills all throughout the country in recent weeks

(INTELLIHUB) — As the government is shutting down homeless shelters and arresting charities for giving away food, there are countless cases of average people making charitable gestures that actually have made a difference.  This week the news was filled with stories from all over the country about people who anonymously paid off layaway bills at their local department stores.

From anywhere between $2,000 and $25,000 or sometimes even more, people have selflessly and voluntarily helped their neighbors at a time where they probably really needed it.  According to some reports there are thousands of the cases this year alone, where people have paid off the random layaway accounts of strangers.

Here is a list linking some of these recent random acts of kindness:

– $25,000 was paid off anonymously in Bellefontaine, Ohio, clearing over 100 accounts – LINK

– A man paid $21,000 towards layaway bills in Florida, while also paying off the bills of strangers in line at the store – LINK

– Three different people walked into Kmart near Dayton, Ohio and paid off four strangers’ accounts. – LINK

– An anonymous benefactor paid a total of $2,000 towards 21 separate accounts in Dallas, Texas. – LINK

– A grandmother from Middletown, Kentucky was among a number of people who had their layaway bills paid off – LINK

– An older woman showed up at a Mesa, Arizona Walmart  $5,000 to pay off layaways that contained mostly stuff for kids – LINK

There are stories like this in many different towns all over the country.  The trend reportedly began nationwide a few years ago when the Associated Press reported on one such layaway Santa in Indianapolis. The anonymous woman, the story said, paid off as many as 50 layaway accounts in memory of her husband who had just died.