(INTELLIHUB) — The way I see it, things on the political forefront, leading up to the General Election, are going to get interesting to say the least, no matter what way you slice it.

In the following analysis I will point out a few things that myself and my close group of contacts are looking at as possible outcomes.

You see, after Cruz and Kasich bit the dust, throwing in their towels for the Presidential bid this week, a whole new ball of wax is forming on the political stage and it may get messy.

First we have to take a look at the battlefield and which candidates are still standing. I can count them on one hand. There is three.

On the Republican side we have Trump, who currently has 1,053 Delegates of the 1,237 he needs to win the GOP’s nomination. Despite the fact that Cruz and Kasich dropped out, IMO Trump should still be weary of another candidate like Paul Ryan stepping in at the last minute.

On the Democratic side We have Clinton and Sanders, both of which would need a total of 2,382 Delegates to win the Dem nomination. As of now Clinton has 2,205 compared to Sanders 1,401 — which means it looks like short of an FBI indictment Hillary will likely get it.

Taking a look at the size of the crowds Trump is attracting to his events on the Republican side, compared to the size of the crowds Clinton attracts to her events on the Dem side, the contrast is night and day. And that’s just real. You can clearly see where the support lies, which reflects the voice of the people in general. It’s Trump all the way.

So what’s going to happen now?

There are only a few logical things that may happen now leading up to the General Election, so what we have to take a close look at is how the Establishment will try and remain in power at all costs. I mean, you didn’t think they would give up without a fight did you? And there are only so many options for them on the table right now after being Trumped (pardon the pun), which I will cover herein.

If you think of the United States as a board game and all of our politicians as game-pieces — you will likely have a better understanding of how the Establishment works.

In fact the powers-that-be, the puppet masters, that run the Establishment, actually think of politicians as their game pieces and they relate the board to America. In fact this would make the citizenry the players, in a sense, especially if them citizenry chose to play the game by acknowledging the Establishments fallacious power.

At any given time the Establishment can chose to play any one of several hands that are often always on the table. It’s also safe to say the Establishment controls both sides — both the Democratic and Republican parties. They have already ‘salted’ the U.S. Government and are using the a union/mafia template, the media and Deep State as an apparatus of control. At any given time a high number of top-level official are always compromised and this is what makes the Establishment so afraid of Donald Trump, because Trump is his own man and is in no way connected to the apparatus.

In fact, the Establishment is so scared of Trump that they may go all the way and pull a JFK on him if they get they opportunity, as speculated by others. If you rationally think about it, the powers-that-be would love nothing more than to crown Hillary the next POTUS with little to no effort.

But keep in mind such an event could also trigger anarchy in the U.S., allowing for the Obama Admin to possibly remain in office for an additional duration under Executive Powers that were already put into place.

The same goes if Hillary were to be indicted by the FBI over her Servergate scandal, as mentioned to me by one of my contacts Tronic. If Hillary was indicted by the FBI, this may trigger a wave of protestors who could then claim that the elections are a sham, as the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist Sanders would be the only one left to run against Trump.

We then also have to watch for the scenario that if either Trump or Hillary were to disappear, for whatever reason, some other shiny white knight would then ride in on his or her big horse and pose as the ultimate savior for the nation, which in turn would likely be an orchestrated trick.

Additionally, there is also the chance that Trump will end up facing off with Hillary in the General Election, straight up, and the Establishment will then have to do everything in their power to rig the electronic voting machines, which has been proven to be possible, to assure the Madam Secretary’s victory.

The bottom line is the Establishment slave lords are going to get down and dirty with Trump, believe that.




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