Leading geoengineering researcher issues alert: Dark days ahead unless we address these issues

“Dark days ahead if we don’t address these issues” — Michael Murphy, Geoengineering Researcher

(INTELLIHUB) —  The simple fact is, factions of the U.S. Government have been fully overran, salted, by the puppet masters behind the curtain.

These very same powers continue to test and carry out chemical, biological, radiological, and psychological experiments on the American people and have been for years without our consent or knowledge. It’s far, far, worse than you could ever imagine and they are hitting us at every level.

As Jordan Maxwell, who appears in the film says, “Nothing in your world works the way you think it does.”And after you see the film you will know why Maxwell says this.

This bombshell film exposes it all and will change your way of thinking.

From the Bilderberg Group, to sinister factions of the military industrial complex, members of the press, and top business executives, nothing is off-limits. The entire film, written and produced by Intellihub’s very own Shepard Ambellas and Jason “The Infowarrior” Bermas, maker of Loose Change and Fabled Enemies, takes the viewer on the ultimate journey to their awakening and beyond.

SHADE is a must see and a must share film that captures the entire ball of wax offering one 90 minute dynamic and powerful synopsis.

Filmed in HQ.

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