Legacy and incrementalism — How we will be defeated if we don’t act now (Video)


If you didn’t realize it already–you will. It’s right smack-dab in your face, out in the open–hidden in plain sight

By Staff Writer

MAUI (INTELLIHUB) — The global elite and royalty alike have it all figured out, or at least they think they do.

You see, they are willing to take their time because they can. They have had the luxury of doing so in most cases. I mean, after all, it takes money to make money–and it takes time to gain power. It’s a legacy, if you will.

The globalists manage to achieve all of this through “incrementalism” as these globalists “have managed to interweave themselves into society […] continually moving forward”, says Shepard Ambellas, the founder of Intellihub News.

Ambellas reiterates in the video just how important it is that they [the globalists] have everything “hidden in plain sight”.

Ambellas goes on to talk about symbolism in the Denver International Airport, where he conducted a week long investigation into the matter.