Letter to Pope Francis 2-weeks into my hunger strike

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Your Holiness,

For the past two weeks, I have been starving at your doorsteps to empower you to come to the people’s defense by speaking the truth and breaking rank with the coalition of the unwilling that keeps in place an international system bent on genocide and sustained by mutual coercion mutually agreed upon in the false hope that humanity can be saved from self-destruction by secretly rendering us sterile through low-intensity, sub-lethal chemical and biological poisoning and by subverting the family structure through psychosocial and economical means.

I am here to unshackle you so you can deliver us from evil.  I am here to hear your public confession so the people of the world can give the Church the absolution it needs to be freed from the encirclement of evil and the burden of falsehood and duplicity by which it keeps the Church hostage.  I am here to ensure the truth will set us free, both the Church and the People.  I am here to return the world to sanity and to restore hope, faith and love to their rightful place, at the very heart of our civilization.

Have faith in humanity for that is the only way man can learn to live in the image of God.  Give people the truth and they will see the light.  The Second Coming is our coming.  Truth is God and we cannot embody the divine in our personal lives and social actions without knowing the truth.  By depriving us of the truth you are depriving us of God.

God resides between good and evil, at the point where the two intersect and where the equilibrium of life is held.  Humankind cannot restore the balance of life that we have destroyed though our civilization without being allowed to reside between good and evil.

The Church has attempted to do this for us to spare us the agony of heartrending decisions, but in so doing it has arrested our evolution towards a higher level of being, one that brings us a step closer to God so that we may preserve His Creation the way He intended.


We are ready to evolve, but lies and deception stand in our way.  Stop protecting a system that has long ceased to be a force of good and has decayed into an embodiment of evil.  Nature is continuously renewing itself. Human civilization must do the same or else stagnate and decay.

The time has come for you to choose between what is good for the Church and what is good for Humanity.  Choose the former and the Church will wither.  Choose the latter and the Church will thrive.

Every day, I come to St. Peter’s in humility, barefoot and in pure white and pray to God that you will find the courage, love and wisdom to come to the people’s defense before the world is engulfed in flames.

I will continue to starve myself until you speak the truth or I die.

With utmost respect,

Kevin Galalae

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)