A letter to Pope Francis

By Kevin Galalae | Intellihub News

Your Holiness,

As the People’s Representative, I speak for 7 billion souls.  As a son of man, I defend the wellbeing of mankind.  And as a simple father, I protect my children.

In a few weeks, I will be in St. Peter’s square to observe a hunger strike until such time as you break the vow of silence the Vatican committed to in 1969 with respect to the international community’s efforts to control population growth by covert means that undermine human fertility and diminish the family.

The Church’s opposition to contraceptives and abortion has forced secular authorities to pursue population control without the knowledge or consent of the people, thus driving the international community’s efforts underground with dire repercussions on the fabric of society and to the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity.

These dire consequences have been neither intended nor foreseeable, nevertheless the entire world is now affected and the international community trapped in a system of mutual coercion mutually agreed upon that no one desires yet no one can escape and that victimizes every human being on the planet, threatens the survival of billions of lineages and forebodes the collapse of everything we hold dear.

This is an affront to God and Nature for which religious and secular authorities are equally responsible even though each has acted in good conscience and with the best intentions, the former to protect life and the unborn in the present while the latter to safeguard international peace, the wellbeing of humanity and the health of the planet into the future.


We, the people, now understand the terrible dilemma this generation of leaders confronts and are ready to take responsibility and make the sacrifices necessary to protect the sanctity and dignity of life while at the same time strengthen international peace and safeguard the future of civilization and the planet.

We understand that our leaders have tried to protect us from the need to make difficult choices, but it has become clear that choosing the easy way out has only deepened, magnified and multiplied our problems.

Until such time as you speak the truth and fulfill your moral responsibilities to admit that both secular and religious leaders need to change their ways for no one is infallible and nothing endures the test of time, the world will not be able to avert disaster and return to sanity.

Until such time, deserving and desiring people across the globe will not be able to live in the image of God, but forced to crawl in the shadows of men.

Until such time, we, the afflicted and the suffering, consider the Holy See to be in a state of Sede Vacante.

With utmost respect,


Kevin Mugur Galalae

A Son of Man

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)