A letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon — Free and Equal

By Kevin Galalae | Intellihub

Esteemed Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

As the People’s Representative, I bring the grievances of seven billion people to your attention.  As a Canadian citizen, I defend the rights and liberties of my fellow nationals.  And as a father, I protect my innocent children.

A few days ago, I have announced my upcoming hunger strike at the Vatican to protest the covert and genocidal methods of population control devised by the Allied Powers in 1945, delegated by the United Nations and its agencies since the early 1950s, and tacitly endorsed by the Holy See since 1969; methods that have gained in intensity and scope over the decades and that now threaten the survival of billions, the health of every human being on the planet, and the peace and stability of the world.

As soon as I succeed convincing Pope Francis to condemn the Global Depopulation Policy, I will make my way to Geneva to hunger strike at the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the UN agency most central to the depopulation effort and wholly responsible for turning science and medicine into weapons of infertility, morbidity and death so the engineered demographic transition can be accomplished through deception.

You assumed office as the 8th Secretary General of the UN in 2007 and have inherited the current international system along with the reigns of the world’s largest and most complex bureaucracy.  Your predecessors and the scores of capable men and women who have dedicated their lives to the lofty goals of the United Nations, were asked to do the impossible and have been doing the improbable because insurmountable obstacles stood in the way of legislating population control, namely the unelectability of politicians calling for limiting family size, and the intractability of religious authorities and especially the Catholic Church with respect to contraceptives and abortion.  In other words, religion and democracy have stood in the way of overtly limiting population growth, which was settled upon as the only civilized way to keep the peace in a world of finite resources and became a substitute to war to ensure that the ugly history of the global conflicts of the first half of the 20th century will never again be repeated.

Devoid of options and charged with safeguarding international peace and prosperity despite divergent national interests and conflicting religious, cultural, ethnic, political and economic factions, the UN was forced to proceed by covert means and did so by gradually turning the basic elements of life – water, food and air – into weapons of mass sterility and selective morbidity, all the while hiding its true intentions with pseudoscience and its crimes of necessity behind plausible deniability.

The time has come to change course, for the walls of deception and concealment have fallen, the medicine has become more deadly than the disease, and because we, the people, have become wiser than our leaders and have proposed an alternative solution to the problems we must solve as an indivisible humankind, the OM Principles.

We ask that you speak the truth, admit that the current path is immoral and unfeasible, and endorse the OM Principles as the one and only means by which to keep the peace, regain our rights and liberties, rebuild democracy, protect the environment, restore the dignity of man, and accomplish the population reductions and resource sharing necessary if we are to leave behind a healthy planet and a sane civilization for our children.

This is the last chance we, the people, give our leaders to change course.  I am the voice of reason and I come in peace, hoping never to have to say ‘veni, vidi, vici’, but only that I have been heard and that the 7 billion people who are my brothers and sisters are treated as human beings and not as vermin.

The time has come for the United Nations to peacefully hand over control of the globalization-depopulation agenda to a new, untainted, and impartial entity such as the Centre of Global Consciousness so that every human being on the planet can henceforth be treated with the same consideration as the elites have reserved solely for themselves.

The time has come for the Laws of Conscience and Consciousness to be instituted worldwide for that is the only way the good in us will displace the evil that has taken control of the world and perverted everything we hold dear.

It is only with our consent that global governance must be carried out in the 21st century.  Until such time, the world will know neither peace nor security and the ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will remain unrealized; ideals that the UN has long abandoned but we have never forgotten.

With utmost respect,


Kevin Galalae

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)